Invest With Us

Why Invest With Us:

Are you looking for a new means of generating returns? The combination of all-time low interest rates and the volatility of stocks make real estate investing a no brainer. Equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience, Covel Capital will customize a deal that is tailored to your specific investing needs. At Covel Capital, we work hard to give our investors their necessary returns, without the headache of managing tenants.

At Covel Capital, we saw an opportunity to provide a unique service that would be exclusive to our investors. Whether you are interested in short-term or long-term investment that project exceptional yields, we will work with you to tailor a plan of your choice.

Our goal is to build a relationship with our clients, consistently benefiting our investors with their preferred annual returns. All our investments are perfectly suited for investors who want their money to work hard so they don’t have to.

Over time, we have grown our network of partners to gain advantages wherever possible—be it gaining access to investments before they go on the market or locking in pricing below market value. We know what a good deal looks like and we always stay alert for the best deals.

Why Invest in Real Estate:

Your investment will see steady returns on a monthly or annual basis. We understand the volatility of the day-to-day market, and our goal is to help you avoid it, by making sure your returns are unaffected and distant from market risks.

Tired of your investment not being secured by an asset? Real Estate deems to be one of the safer utilizations of your money. Each and every investment you make with Covel Capital is guaranteed and secured by the asset that we have agreed to invest in. You do not need to go to sleep thinking about what is happening with your investment. The property is pledged as collateral against your investment.

Ever feel like your investment in the stock market has become a daily gruesome task. At Covel Capital, we strive to make your investments as easy and passive as possible. Real Estate investment is proven to be one of the most passive investments available, and without the worry of bad tenants, vacancies, or repairs, we take on these responsibilities so that you can have your money truly work for you.

One of the biggest differences between real estate and every other investment is the characteristic of being a tangible asset. You know what we are investing your money in, and you can personally visit the property to see what is taking place, thus understanding the true worth of your investment.