About Us

Who We Are

abtCovel Capital is a California based full service real estate brokerage and investment company that specializes in residential and commercial real estate. Our company, created by Medvin Baghdasarian, is dedicated to understanding the needs of our clients and providing tremendous value for them. We are primarily focused on offering competitive returns to our investors for our fix and flips and renovations, in addition to our realtor services for clients in need of buying or selling a home.

With our combined expertise and experience in residential and commercial real estate in Los Angeles and surrounding cities, Covel Capital works with a wide variety of investors to find the best fit for all. Whether it is a consistent annual return you are looking for, or considering becoming an equity partner in our residential fix and flips, we will tailor a customized plan for you.

Our knowledge and relentlessness gives us a huge advantage as a full service company that offers solutions to most problems our investors face. We know how important reputation in order to grow in this tight-knit community, so we take pride in client satisfaction.

Covel Capital continuously monitors and improves our services to become one of the best and most trusted real estate companies in California. Our team is well trained and well equipped with the most up to date information to help our clients reach their financial goals.

We underwrite every aspect of the real estate deal, measuring the known risk and identifying any potential unknown risk in the transaction before presenting it to our investors. All of our transactions are carefully underwritten and accurately reported. We only align our business with investors and managers who meet our set of qualifications.

When it comes to investment firms, bigger is not necessarily better. By operating with a core staff of experienced associates, Covel Capital is able to give you the highly personalized experience you desire. In addition, we are able to react rapidly to key market changes and take advantage of creative strategies that large firms simply cannot execute. We deliver quality investments secured by real estate and always seek innovative ways to put more money in your portfolio.