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Invest With Us

If you are looking for a place to invest your money, consider working with us. The combination of all-time low interest rates and the volatility of stocks make real estate investing a no brainer. Equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience, Covel Capital will customize a deal that is tailored to your specific investing needs.


List With Us

Have a house you want to sell? We can help. Looking for a house to move into? We can help. Whether you just need to move or you want a quick sale of your newly remodeled project, Covel Capital Realtors will take care of all your real estate needs. We are a full service real estate brokerage, consisting of a team of realtors with a powerful track record and relentless spirit to sell!


Buy From Us

Take advantage of our wholesale deals. A lot of times, when we are too busy to take on another deal, we will pass on our contracted deals to our fellow investors. We take great pride in knowing correct property values and repair estimates, so rest assured, you will get deals that have plenty of room for profit.